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With years of experience and plenty of film festival awards I decided to share my techniques with you to help you improve your films and let you earn more money on filmmaking.

Tomasz Walczak

Award winning timelapse and hyperlapse photographer, fascinated by flow motion technique. He loves combining different techniques to create surreal sequences that look like a mastershot. Working hard for over a decade now to discover new possibilities for hyperlapse technique, both on the ground and in the air using drones. In 2023 his film ‘Bielsko-Biała - a city always for people’ won the title of World’s Best City Tourism Film. Shot hyperlapses for world’s biggest music festivals, Microsoft, Eurosport and many more. 

Whats inside the academy?

Program is designed to teach hyperlapse even people, who has never shoot a timelapse before. We start from timelapse basics and step by step we're increasing the difficulty of the techniques. All that so you can start making money and become a HYPERLAPSE PRO.

Timelapse Course

Lets start with basics, so we can dig into the more advanced Timelapse techniques and then, start with Hyperlapse.

Hyperlapse Course

My favorite and most exciting technique. Learn how to shoot and edit silky smooth hyperlapses, that let's you earn more on your films!

Advanced Course

Learn the most advanced timelapse and hyperlapse techniques I use in my films.

Director s Commentary

Dive deep into my biggest hyperlapse projects. Learn how I create the script, chose locations, shoot and edit those award winning film projects.

Course Program

Over 7 hours of content.

Course is available with English voiceover and optional Polish subtitles


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Available in days
days after you enroll
  Advanced course
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Director's commentary series
Available in days
days after you enroll

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Learn how to create award winning films

  • Detailed course - this is the most detailed hyperlapse course on the internet, which combines my over 10 years of experience working as hyperlapser
  • Earn money - Once you learn my techniques for shooting hyperlapse, you can use it forever to make a good income
  • Learn from the professional - Learn the techniques from award winning hyperlapse photographer
  • Personal mentoring - Any questions? New film to plan or discuss? I'm here to guide you on the best path!

Our portfolio

I work mostly on promotional films and shooting hyperlapse as a freelancer. Here's one of my favorite projects I've made so far :)